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Seo Tool Station is a platform devoted to providing fellow visitors and individuals with tips and tricks to grow their business and make money online, Freelancing, Digital Marketing and more.

Tech Blog is a high authority website that is user-oriented. I welcome all the fellow bloggers, webmasters, and authors who want to submit their Articles with me and share it with thousands of visitors.

Steps to Writing a Guest Post on Seo Tool Station:

Step 1: Contact me using the contact form below and pitch to me what you want to cover in your article. (I’m open to any mental illness topic, but it must be a story of hope, redemption, recovery, or the process of any of those things. I want to be a place of HOPE for those struggling and for those who want to help.)

Step 2: I will reply and then work with you- if need be- to make sure that your story will be a good fit for this blog.

Step 3: Guidelines:

  • I’m down to have 1 link in your story and up to 1 link in your bio.
  • Submit to me the following via Word; or in an email:
    • article of your personal story and wisdom/hope you have for those reading (less than 1000 words).  Original content only, please.!
    • short bio (but you don’t have to write one if you want to post anonymously).
  • We will work together on editing your article and coming up with the headline. I never want to rob the writer of their voice, but I do have high standards for the content that I post on this blog.
  • I hold the right to publish the content in line with my content schedule. I will tell you when it will most likely be published.
  • I will choose a picture that I believe is relevant to your blog post. You may send me a suggestion, but I hold the final say in the featured image.
  • I will send you the link once published. If you did not post anonymously, please use this link to promote your personal pages/social media platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me using this contact form. Or you contact me directly by sending email info@seotoolstation.net