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How to promote your mobile application?

Learn step by step how to get popular your mobile app

Marketing of website is easy you do some SEO you do some content marketing maybe some social media marketing and boom you are popular. But what can you do if you have a mobile app?
How do you market it? Hey, everyone, I’m Jarvis and today I’m gonna share with you How to market a mobile app?

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

The first thing if you have a mobile app great you can start marketing and I will show you how. But if you don’t have a mobile app and you are thinking about to create one app then first start up with Build Fire.

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

Build fire is a quick and easy way to build an app without being a developer and they do not charge more than your budget. So now hopefully you have a mobile app.

Step #1:

The first thing you want to do your app marketing is you need the great press. If you are too lazy and you don’t want to create a press by your own go check out Prserve.

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

It was found by Chris Barrett. You pay him and he will give an amazing press for your mobile app. I highly recommend because their services are amazing. If you don’t want to pay and want to create by your own go and check out who is covering apps in your space.

If you have a beauty app then alright go to check out other beauty bloggers and give him your app free before you launch it into the public.

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

By giving them access early like oh my god Jarvis your app is amazing I like it very much and when they like it then set a pricing plan for everyone.

STEP #2:

What you want to do is get coverage in the Blogosphere. Now, this is just like to have a press like someone covering and saying  Oh! The Jarvis app is just launched it could just be someone talking about marketing so you have a marketing app they include you in their blog post. So what I do is I go to reach out all the blogger that has an article related to my app.

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

STEP #3:

The third thing you want to do and I hate to say this is spending money on advertising.

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

You get a lot of traffic from Facebook Ads for your app installation. You can also go to other people out there who have apps and buy paid ads from them. You also have some games on your phone what you see when you playing games online.

App Marketing- Seo Tool Station

Every popular game is saying that oh this game is also amazing download today to play it. That’s a way you can get your app in there and it is very cheap you can do this is the quantity and that will help you drive a lot of installation. You can also use Google AdWords for Marketing your app.

Help users promote your app. Add an in-app “tell a friend” feature so that your current users can share the app with their friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues. Incentivize this sharing feature by offering credits or discounts for every new subscriber someone brings onboard.

For these three things you can get a lot of app installation and you will popular hopefully your app monetize so that way you can make money once you have peoples in your app then you can start doing things like giving people points by sharing your app on social media or other sources which will be helpful in more installation and in long term but if you have no one coming to your app those viral loops will work.

So try these techniques and get popular your mobile apps and if you have any questions leave a comment share this article on your social media and share it with your friends,


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