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9 Tools to Create free inforgraphic in (2019)

Using this tools you can easily create your own source

You want to create an infographic for your blog post or if you are working as a freelancer and any client ask you to create an infographic. Hey, everyone, I’m Jarvis and today I’m going to show you 9 tools to create free infographic.

Today you can find thousands and thousands of sources, the vast majority with free licenses, but there are still those who want to take a step further and create their own sources. Creating your own infographic is easy you don’t need to be an expert to do this but you just need a technical mind.

Not only to be able to personalize them, perhaps you want to contribute something to the world of design by launching your own source for free and thus get some recognition and links to your website.

There are also some who sell their sources if they are good enough. These tools are easy to use and there are many tutorials on youtube that how can you use these tools.

Here are 9 tools to Create Free Infographic:


Create Free Infographic

This is an editor that you can use directly from your browser. You can import templates or create fonts from scratch. It works for free, although to access all the functions and save your creations you have to register.


Create Free Infographic

This is a very complete Open Source tool with many features. You can create the characters of your sources by drawing curves that adapt in form and position. By using this tool you can create free infographic.


Create Free Infographic

This tool is simple to use, simple, but effective. Create your jobs from templates. The templates are files that are downloaded to your computer, then you can edit them to create your source, you upload them back to PaintFont and the source is generated. You do not need registration.


Create Free Infographic

This tool works by creating simple geometric shapes and joining them together. You can create new sources from scratch or modify others already created by other users. It needs registration to be used.


Create Free Infographic

This tool works somewhat differently from others. What it does is generate the sources in the form of icons that you can use as SVG graphics files that can be modified via CSS.


Create Free Infographic

BirdFont allows you to create your own sources, but you can only use them if you are not going to use them commercially. For commercial uses, you have to pay between 1 and 4 euros per source. It works with an application available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Create Free Infographic

With this tool, you can create pixel fonts that will sound to you by the famous classic games. You can base yourself on a gallery of sources created by other users or upload your own TTF or OTF files. Works with IE 9+, Firefox 2+, Safari 5+, and Google Chrome and does not need registration.

Glyphr Studio

Create Free Infographic

This tool works in most browsers. Accepts files from Inkscape and Illustrator. Font design has a high barrier of entry. Professional font design programs are very complex, and/or quite expensive. Glyphr Studio is streamlined and made for font design hobbyists… and it’s free!


Create Free Infographic

This is an application that is only available for Windows currently. It has many complex tools. It allows you to import TTF fonts to modify them or create new fonts from scratch.

I hope you like this amazing information and if you think that it is helpful then don’t forget to share this with your friends.

By using these tools you can also earn money like you can create free infographics and sell your services on Fiverr, Upwork and other freelancing platforms.

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