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3 GUARANTEED Ways Stand Out On Social Media

Learn step by step to be stand on social media

The world is becoming hectic and cerotic how do you stand when so many people and so many sources are there on the internet and especially in the world of social media. Hi everyone I’m Jarvis and today I’m gonna share with you 3 hectic tips to stand on social media.

Step # 1:

The first step is story tell no matter what is that just share this on your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Tumblr etc. The most thing people like is storytelling.
If you tell the story that hooks peoples and like your content then you are doing extremely well.

I was watching Facebook and on Facebook, there is a video and in it, a person gives its all-day story in 1 minute and all the people liking it because today everyone wants to make new friends on social media to increase their community. In the video the person is telling everything thing about traveling, hoteling, food & more he is telling his story and gets millions of millions of views.

You have to do something similar that does not video anything else like audio, post or any photo.
A picture tells thousands of words if people understand it well but if you are not telling a story you can’t people hook in.

Just think of this way do you remember when you are a kid you are growing up your mom and dad, grandfather, grandma they tell you the story back in the day and you remember that they tell you little things that how things cheap and were affordable in their age and more. You remember stories and if we go back thousands of thousand years there are many stories in history.

Step #2:

This step is very important and some people don’t have it is you have to be unique. Don’t go off this thing like HMM. Why is my content doing well on Facebook? Why is my content doing well on Instagram? It’s because of my personality. But it does not mean you can’t do it.

If you don’t know how to do well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram there is one thing that typically evolves and it does have much to do with their algorithm. Yes, create amazing pictures and videos that attract peoples. Create the best content on your website and social media.

If people are not like your content its not the mistake of Facebook or Google. You can’t blame anyone. The only person you can blame is yourself. SO start making better content and if you think that you are creating good content and people don’t like it then go in your space and see what others are doing those people like them.

For Example:

My content is doing well on Facebook over the last three to six months. I learn that if I make my content my entertaining the people like it more and more. I’m not saying that create a funny video but you create the content that people enjoy and love to read.  So do these two things very well if you want to stand in the hectic world and the last thing I’m gonna share with you is also important.

Step #3:

Be a part of the community I know that sounds simple you don’t do it because I’m telling you. You do it because you love to help peoples and build your community to peoples like you. When you care for people gives them results even they don’t pay you that’s ok and it is a good thing.

Because when you help people they like to be your friends. Helping people is also a good thing and caring about your potential customers it does wonders for you.

So follow these steps to become stand on the hectic world.

Hamza Hashim

Hamza Hashim is a Freelancer, WordPress Developer, Blogger, and SEO Expert having three years of experience these fields.

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